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Cooking Oil Removal in New Jersey

When running any commercial kitchen, whether a large restaurant or a small bakery, you need to have a system for properly removing unneeded cooking oil. Because used oil should never be poured down the drain, and keeping used oil around for too long can lead to safety issues, owners, managers, and workers may not know the proper course of action

Here at Atlantic Sitton Services, we offer reliable and safe cooking oil removal for a variety of clients throughout New Jersey. We serve areas throughout New Jersey, turning their unwanted cooking oil into biofuel. Learn more about used cooking oil collection and other septic and sewer services.

Our Used Cooking Oil Removal Services

Cooking oil is common in commercial kitchens, yet it is often underutilized when it reaches the end of its life. After establishments and homeowners utilize the oil for cooking, they may throw it out because they are unsure what else to do with it. Commercial kitchens can have their unwanted cooking oil safely removed and reprocessed into an eco-friendlier fuel source by partnering with us. Our process for removing unwanted cooking oil from your kitchen involves the following:

  • Initial consultation: We meet with clients to assess their needs and briefly explain the oil removal process and answer any questions the client may have.
  • Arrange a removal schedule: We set up a schedule with specific dates for collecting cooking oil. This customization further enables us to meet clients’ needs.
  • Deliver necessary equipment: After determining the needs of a client, we will drop off a clean, durable storage container for collection.
  • Continue open communication: We allow for open contact should clients need help navigating changes, such as an uptick in oil production.

Once conveniently removed, we send the oil to locations where it is converted into a biofuel, a class of renewable energy derived from living materials. Biofuel is most often used to power vehicles, but people may also leverage the energy source for heat or electricity.

In addition to cooking oil removal, we also offer grease trap collection services. Combining the two can empower you to better maintain your kitchen and avoid the adverse effects of unsanitary and unsustainable use.

Signs You Should Part With Your Used Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is a valuable commodity in commercial kitchens because it is recyclable. However, once used cooking oil reaches a certain point, it may no longer be safe. A general rule of thumb is once the oil starts to produce a foul odor or turns a deep brown color, it is time to dispose of it and obtain fresh oil.

Food establishments may be tempted to simply pour their unneeded cooking oil down the drain or dispose of it in the trash, but both decisions can bring substantial consequences. When used cooking oil flows through drains, it may harden and cause severe clogs or infiltrate local sewer systems. Tossing used cooking oil in the trash can significantly impact our ecosystem, especially if it seeps into the dirt and waterways.

Because of the damage used cooking oil can have on the environment, disposing of it improperly can lead to hefty fines. Instead, food establishments should opt for safe and convenient removal services from us. Partnering with Atlantic Sitton Services will help your commercial kitchen avoid several unfavorable circumstances, such as:

  • An infestation of insects and other pests that are attracted to the fumes that used cooking oil produce
  • Costly repairs to sewer lines and plumbing caused by cooking oil solidifying within the pipes
  • An unbearable odor lingering throughout your establishment that interferes with your customer’s dining experience and potentially damages your reputation

Learn More About Our Used Cooking Oil Removal Services

Commercial kitchens and other food establishments in New Jersey can have can have their used cooking oil disposed of safely and efficiently with professional removal services from Atlantic Sitton Services. Serving all of New Jersey, we conveniently remove your used cooking oil at no cost to you. Contact us today for more information about our used cooking oil removal process or to learn about our septic system financing and warranties.

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