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Resources for Septic Systems in New Jersey

Two certified technicians place drainage for septic system installation

When the property you own or use includes a septic system, there are added responsibilities. Atlantic Sitton Services offers comprehensive septic services with certified technicians. Keeping septic systems in good working order helps households and businesses run more smoothly, without unpleasant disruptions to water service. When breakdowns occur, they cause difficulties, such as foul smells or wastewater backups into the living and work areas. This can affect the health and well-being of family members, residents, employees, and clients.

In addition, septic system functions are governed by rules and regulations that prevent harmful pollution from entering public water systems, groundwater, and private wells. We encourage our customers to be SepticSmart. At Atlantic Sitton Services, we provide a variety of resources for septic system customers in New Jersey.

Atlantic Sitton Services Blog

Our blog provides customers with detailed information on different aspects of septic systems. While the function of a basic septic tank and drainfield may seem simple, there are always variations related to the site of the septic system, the size of the household or business, and soil types. Our customers with home septic systems can explore the Atlantic Sitton Services blog to learn more about how their system works, whether it is single- or multi-chambered. They may want to know more about the beneficial bacteria that perform most of the cleaning of wastewater, or how they can use the system wisely without overburdening its capacity.

Business owners and institutions that operate commercial kitchens employ various mechanisms to keep grease away from the wastewater system, so grease trap cleaning and grease tank pumping are two areas where more information is often needed and appreciated. This is an important aspect of protecting public water quality, as well as following important health and safety regulations that protect workers and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions are also available at Atlantic Sitton Services. This is an excellent resource when you need quick, clear information related to septic systems. Because we have answered these questions repeatedly during our years of providing septic services in New Jersey, we know that these are questions that new and existing customers may have. After reviewing the answers provided, if you need further information, we encourage you to contact our office. You will be connected with knowledgeable staff who are helpful and well-informed. We all live and work in New Jersey, and we want to help our neighbors keep their septic systems functioning properly with the least amount of expense and trouble.

Dos and Don’ts

Everyone benefits from our list of dos and don’ts for septic systems. This list comes from our long experience providing inspections, septic repairs, and septic system installations. We’ve seen how seemingly harmless practices can cause damage, such as parking cars or running heavy machinery over the site of the septic drainage system. By providing these educational instructions, Atlantic Sitton Services hopes to avoid preventable problems with septic systems. Damaged septic systems can cause pollution, health risks, and avoidable expense for both home and business owners. And disruptions to service can be traumatic for apartment dwellers or institutional residents.

Septic System Services

The qualified professionals at Atlantic Sitton Services provide residential services, as well as commercial and government services throughout New Jersey. These include preventative maintenance plans that ensure regular inspection, repair, and septic tank pumping services. Our modern equipment and experienced know-how assist customers when problems occur, such as clogs or slow drains. We use state-of-the-art cleaning tools, including jetting. This method uses cold or hot water to clear clogs and clean build-up from pipes. This ensures no harmful chemicals are used that might erode pipe strength and affect the balance of beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the septic system. We also offer emergency services for our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Services

Commercial and government customers benefit from the professional care that Atlantic Sitton Services provides them in the kitchen. We can schedule regular grease trap cleaning services and provide advice on best practices for commercial kitchens. Keeping fats, oils, and grease out of the wastewater system is paramount for any kitchen, especially one serviced with a septic system. We also offer grease tank pumping services, which include inspecting the components and tank for cracks or leaks.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Another service that benefits our customers with commercial kitchens is cooking oil collection and recycling. This can be combined with our grease trap cleaning services to keep your kitchen operational and clean of unwanted grease. The used cooking oil is converted to biofuel, so this process creates renewable energy while keeping pollutants from water supplies.

Schedule an Appointment With Atlantic Sitton Services

Whether you need septic system or grease trap services, our qualified professionals and other resources can help you maintain operations at your home, business, or government office in New Jersey. Make an appointment with Atlantic Sitton Services and we can help determine how our services fit your needs. Contact us today.

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