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About Us: A Septic and Sewer Solutions Provider in New Jersey

Sewer and septic systems are vital for everyday life. When your sewer or septic system encounters issues, it can severely disrupt the function of your household or business. These concerns must be addressed right away by professionals with extensive knowledge of these systems. For those in need of sewer or septic system assistance, Atlantic Sitton Services is here to provide expert solutions.

With over 30 years of combined industry experience, our family-owned and operated septic and sewer solutions company delivers an array of professional services to clients in New Jersey. We started our business here in New Jersey with one truck and have grown into a trusted septic and sewer solutions company serving throughout the state. Our relentless efforts to provide our clients with the best possible services allow us to accommodate all your septic and sewer needs.

About Our Professional Services

To ensure customers can access comprehensive septic and sewer solutions, we provide for the various issues you may encounter with these systems. Our thoroughly trained and certified technicians use proven techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and tools to ensure each job is completed properly and efficiently.

Regardless of the size of the job, Atlantic Sitton Services will provide reliable and exceptional service. We also offer the most competitive rates to offer you professional services at prices that match your budget. Our range of advanced sewer and septic services includes the following:

  • Septic pumping and repairs
  • Septic system installations for new construction
  • Grease trap/tank cleaning
  • Cooking oil disposal
  • Septic system repairs and replacements
  • Jetting
  • Sludge removal
  • Excavation and dump truck services
  • Dirty water and liquid waste removal

Emergency Septic Services Available

When it comes to your septic or sewer system, problems can arise at a moment’s notice. Leaving these issues until the morning can create unsettling circumstances for homeowners and business owners. Atlantic Sitton Services addresses these scenarios by offering emergency septic services. Call us and we will quickly assess how to resolve any issues you may experience with your system.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Commercial food establishments, such as restaurants, nursing care facilities, hospitals, and school kitchens, often work with cooking oil. It is the establishment’s responsibility to dispose of their used cooking oil properly and safely. Failing to do so may result in hefty fines and other unwanted consequences.

Atlantic Sitton Services provides reliable, free cooking oil collection services when you need them. During an initial consultation, we will determine an appropriate pickup schedule based on how much used cooking oil the client produces. Atlantic Sitton Services will schedule timely regular cooking oil collection keeping your business safe and in compliance with state and local regulations. Also, the cooking oil we collect from your kitchen will be put through an eco-friendly process and converted into biofuel.

Warranties and Financing Available

Atlantic Sitton Services is proud to offer our clients assistance with financing and warranties for added peace of mind. Our warranty program ensures your system will continue to function properly for years, eliminating the need to replace it for a simple maintenance issue. Financing options are available to help clients cover the costs of repairs and other services.

We also offer our residential, commercial, and government clients convenient yearly maintenance contracts to perform routine services on a schedule that best suits their needs. These services include pumping the system and adding enzymes to maintain the required levels for digesting the organic solids in the floating layer.

Our Service Areas

Atlantic Sitton Services serves residential, commercial, and government customers throughout New Jersey.

Trust Our Family-Owned Septic and Sewer Solutions Company

Those in need of septic or sewer repair services will find professional solutions at Atlantic Sitton Services. Serving across New Jersey, our fully licensed and insured septic and sewer company has your back. For more information about our business and our numerous services, please contact us today at locally owned and operated Atlantic Sitton Services.

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