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Septic & Sewer, Grease Tank/Trap Services in New Jersey

Atlantic Sitton Services is proud to offer affordable and versatile services, such as septic services, new construction, excavation and dump truck service, sludge removal, dirty water removal, liquid waste services, and grease trap cleanings. We strive to offer quality services to meet and exceed all your residential, commercial, or governmental needs. With emergency services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can be sure we will answer your call, day or night.

Let our experienced technicians help you keep septic systems functional, with extended lifespans. We offer regular maintenance schedules for septic tank pumping and grease tank pumping. With inspections that help you keep up with needed repairs, and a focus on SepticSmart practices, Atlantic Sitton Services provides the assistance you need for septic systems in New Jersey.

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About Us

Whether you need a repair or a replacement, we arrive on time and complete the job quickly. Our septic and sewer company also offers the most competitive rates for services to ensure you receive the best price. We are familiar with all types of septic systems and provide services throughout New Jersey. Our experienced technicians can help customers choose the right septic system for their site and provide experienced maintenance services that protect the health and well-being of humans and our ecosystem. From septic tank pumping to repairing leaky pipes and cleaning grease traps, we can help you keep harmful substances out of the water system, and maintain dependable functionality at your home, business, or government institution.
Other Benefits of Working With Us:
We live and work in New Jersey, and enjoy helping our neighbors, homeowners and landlords, business owners, and public employees in government offices operate without septic system problems and disruptions. We are proud of our contributions to protecting the water quality in our state. Always keeping in mind the health of our clients, we offer our experience, modern technology and tools, and certified technicians to promote the health and safety of our customers. Scheduling services with our office is easy and fast, and we are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Benefits of working with us include:
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Atlantic Sitton Services has been honored with positive customer reviews and testimonials over the years. We proudly share a few of these reviews with you and encourage you to ask your colleagues and neighbors about our company. We strive to provide excellent services and outcomes for our customers. With a range of projects and capabilities that span septic system installation, professional standards for inspections and repairs, and a dedication to maintenance that extends the lifespan of septic systems, Atlantic Sitton Services takes care of septic system problems for residential, commercial, and government enterprises in New Jersey.

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